rnv beim Climathon in Mannheim im Oktober mit Challenge vertreten - jetzt anmelden!

Die rnv freut sich sehr als Sponsor und Ideengeber auf dem diesjährigen Climathon der Stadt Mannheim und Hackerstolz e.V. als Initiative der
Climate-KIC Community des EIT als Teil der Europäischen Union dabei zu sein. Auf die Teilnehmer warten spannende Challenges, attraktive Preise, ein interessantes Rahmenprogramm und, und, und!

Hier die offizielle Beschreibung der Ausrichter:
"In a world where information is power 2019 is hopefully the year the world finally realizes that we need to do something about global warming (to all dissenting heads of government - Donald cough -, its not working how you think, please find out the difference between weather and climate first). Unfortunately, we are at a point where confidence in our government is waning as far as achieving our climate targets is concerned, and a serious change of course is not discernible. We therefore see it as our duty – as citizens of Planet Earth – to do everything in our power to help tackle this global problem and hopefully make a difference. We want to not just talk about sustainability but try to see what technology can do to fight climate change. That is why Hackerstolz and the City of Mannheim is hosting the Climathon. The Climathon is an over regional initiative by the Climate-KIC from EIT that take place in hundreds of cities all over the world. Become part of it!"

Weitere Informationen und Anmeldung unter https://climathon.hackerstolz.de/!